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Starting school can be a tough transition for both children and parents. Below are some simple ways you can begin to prepare your child (and yourself) for their first day of preschool.  

  • Get a school routine going early. Two to four weeks before school starts, get your child used to getting up at a certain time every day and going to bed at a certain time. This will get them used to school day hours.  

  • Drive to the school on weekends and go to the playground. This will help your child adjust to their new school environment and feel comfortable with their surroundings.  

  • Get appropriate gear for your child. Purchase a backpack that is large enough to hold a folder and sneakers for the playground and other activities.  

  • Talk and read about school. This is a great way to get a conversation started about school. 

  • Encourage independence. Your child should try putting on/off their coats as well as zipping, buttoning, snapping backpacks, coats, etc. on their own.

Cleaning up after meals will also help promote the goal of being independent. 

  • Prepare for back-to-school emotions. If your child has anxiety, consider giving them a transitional object for comfort or support such as a teddy bear or a picture of the family. Just be sure your teacher is okay with the item coming to school.


Remember, preschool is a wonderful place for your child to grow and learn. Preparing for their big first day will ensure they are successful from the start. 


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