Acceptable Use Policy



District technology and Internet access is provided to facilitate education through use by students, staff, and faculty. Anyone who impedes the designated function of the system—through inappropriate use of system resources, introduction of malicious or unlicensed software, vandalizing the system, “hacking”, or any other misuse—will face disciplinary action which may include loss of use privileges and legal consequences.

The following code of conduct will be adhered to for continued system use at Clinton Township School District.

Do Not

  1. Use the network to facilitate illegal activity.
  2. Use the network for commercial or for profit purposes.
  3. Use the network for non-school related work on more than an incidental basis.
  4. Use the network for product advertisement or political lobbying.
  5. Use the network for hate mail, discriminatory remarks, and offensive or inflammatory communication.
  6. Illegally install, distribute, reproduce, or misuse copyrighted materials.
  7. Use the network to access obscene or pornographic material.
  8. Use inappropriate language or profanity on the network.
  9. Use the network to transmit material likely to be offensive or objectionable to recipients.
  10. Use the network to intentionally obtain or modify files, passwords, and data belonging to other users.
  11. Use network facilities for fraudulent copying, communications, or modification of materials in violation of copyright laws.
  12. Use the network to disrupt the work of other users.
  13. Impersonate another user.
  14. Share your district password with, or allow a password to be used by, anyone else.
  15. Load or use unauthorized games, programs, files, or other electronic media.
  16. Destroy, modify, or abuse network hardware and software.
  17. Quote personal communications in a public forum without the original author’s prior consent.”
  18. Participate on unauthorized social networks.

In addition, students agree to use the Internet and email for educational purposes.

I will not use school network devices... 

  1. To play non-educational, curriculum related games;
  2. To enter any information about myself, anyone else, or my school. This includes name, address, telephone number, email address, or any other information;
  3. To access, send, promote or print hate mail, threats, harassing information, derogatory remarks, material of a sexual nature, and other antisocial communications;
  4. For illegal, commercial or for profit purpose;
  5. To purchase or order any items including stocks and auction items (e.g. ebay or similar websites);
  6. To participate in unauthorized chat, chat rooms, interactive bulletin boards, web-based email or any other online real-time conversations. I will not sign or send messages through “guestbooks” that appear on websites unless it is under the supervision of a staff member;
  7. To impersonate or misrepresent other users on the network;
  8. To download any files or programs, including games, MP3’s, other music, or video.


  1. Log off of the network when finished with work
  2. Help others
  3. Use multiple resources for research
  4. Appreciate and take care of our technology equipment and resources.

Students are responsible for their account and all activity within their account.

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