2015-2019 Strategic Plan

The Clinton Township School District's four goal statements and strategies for the years 2015-2019 are as follows:

Goal Area 1: Curriculum & Instruction/Teaching & Learning

Goal Statement: Clinton Township School District students and staff will engage in an academically flexible and balanced curriculum in a supportive environment.

1. To increase instructional time.

2. To increase cross-curricular authentic learning experiences.

3. To provide ongoing, embedded opportunities for professional growth.

4. To facilitate character growth and development by promoting a culture of respect, responsibility and community.

Goal Area 2: Technology

Goal Statement: Technology will be an integral part of a Clinton Township School District education.

1. To maintain a reliable infrastructure.

2. To provide Clinton Township School District students and staff with ongoing, embedded opportunities for technological growth.

3. To infuse technology into cross-curricular learning experiences.

4. To enhance the use of interactive technologies between home and school.

Goal Area 3: Communications & Partnerships 

Goal Statement: To strengthen communications with home, school and community through responsive partnerships.

1. Increase parent and school partnerships.

2. Increase business and school partnerships.

3. Build higher education and school partnerships.

4. Increase visibility in local media publications (i.e. bright spots).

Goal Area 4: Finances & Facilities

Goal Statement: Develop and deliver an annual needs based budget that address the financial and facilities requirements of the district while remaining fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.

1. To provide the safest environment for students and staff.

2. Bring facilities to a maintenance level.

3. Identify and address the impact of declining enrollment on facilities; the financial impact on the budget and the impact on state aid received by the district.

4. Identify and provide district technological needs including hardware, connectivity, software updates and faculty needs.

5. Advocate for the full funding of the School Funding Reform Act of 2008

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