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PowerSchool is our student information system, used to maintain and store student demographics, attendance, grades, and other essentials. It is the hub of our student data, used by teachers and administration on a daily basis.

Parents have access to the Parent Portal web page in PowerSchool. Parents can use this site to access and maintain contact information, as well as viewing their student's attendance and grades. It is an invaluable resource for better understanding the progress of your child and for helping him/her be more successful.

To access the Parent Portal, go to:

If you have not previously set up your guardian account, you will need your child’s individual Access ID and Access Password. If you have not received your codes or are having difficulty setting up your account, please email [email protected].

Instructions on creating your guardian account can be found here.

Guardian Accounts 

Details about the Parent Portal are below, but first please read our guidelines for accessing the portal:

  • Password security is your responsibility. Please be careful and keep it secure.
  • Final grades are the responsibility and prerogative of the teacher.
  • Access to these grades offer parents an opportunity to communicate with their child using clear and concrete data. We encourage constructive supportive conversations that help students use data to improve and feel proud about their progress.
  • This does not replace parent teacher conversations. It is meant to enrich them.
  • Learning is a process. Grades may change throughout the marking period and as assignments are handed in. This fluctuation is a natural part of grading and learning.
  • All subject areas have different assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. It is not advisable to compare subjects. For good reason they operate differently.  

Once you are logged in you will see the following pages on the left-hand side of the screen. Below is a brief description of what you will see when you go to the pages.

Grades and Attendance

On the Grades and Attendance screen you will find summary grades for each class in which your student is enrolled. Click on a grade to view details about assignments and assessments.

You may click on the name of a teacher on this page to send them an email.

For parents of students in grades K-3:  we do not provide first marking period grades. Grades will not appear until the second marking period. To view the grades after Q2 ends, click the Grades and Attendance Page, then the Standards Grades tab, and finally Expand All to view the progress indicators. 

Attendance History

Here you will find a detailed account of your student's attendance. Note the key at the bottom of the page that describes how to read this chart. Also note that we take daily attendance (rather than period attendance) so the attendance codes that are relevant will be in the Homeroom row.

Email Notification

From here you can add additional email addresses to receive updates along with configuring automatic sending of current grades and attendance reports. 

Teacher Comments

Choose the Reporting Term to view any comments entered by the teacher regarding your child’s progress. 


From this page, any forms that need to be completed will appear under General Forms or Enrollment. To view and update your child's current Contacts, click the Student Contact Update form under General Forms.

Account Preferences

From this page you may change the password for your parent login, update your contact email address, set your preferred language and add additional children to your account.

Transportation Information

Your child’s bus stop location as well as pick up and drop off times are listed here. 

Student Information

On this page, Parent 1 and Parent 2 contact information is displayed. 

My Schedule

A copy of your child’s schedule appears here. 

School Information

This page provides general contact information for your student's school, as well as a timeline for each marking period.

Parents who have not had access previously should take some time to familiarize themselves with the information provided. While the portal provides a convenient overview of your student's progress, it is not a substitute for communication with your student and their teacher. As your student progresses from Kindergarten to 8th grade there will be different information available in the portal--from different types of grades (from standards indicators to numeric/letter grades) to more assignments and assessments.

Questions may be sent to [email protected]

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