Free and Reduced Lunch

Please review this information concerning free and reduced lunch

Students currently NOT on the 2019/2020 Free or Reduced List:
Students pay full price until you receive a letter from the Board Office with an approval date stating when the student will begin receiving free/reduced lunch costs.

Students who were on the Free or Reduced List as of 6/30/18:
Students will be allowed to keep their free/reduced status through 9/30/18.  Families MUST complete a new application for the 2017/2018 school year.  If an application has not been received and approved by 9/30/18, the student will be charged full price for lunch starting 10/1/2018.

Application Packet - English

Application Packet - Spanish

Income Eligibility Guidelines




**The two Sharing Information forms will need to be returned to the schools regardless of whether you fill out the paper application or the electronic application.