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Offer vs. Serve Program

CTSD is in year five of the cafeteria system. If you already have established an account in Pay for It, any balances will remain as long as your child is a student in the district. Details for setting up a payment account are below:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The system, PaySchools, is offered at all four schools, including Spruce Run.

Students will receive laminated, bar-coded cards to use at the register. These cards tie into their cafeteria debit account, as well as our student information system.

***In order to establish a debit line for your child, you must setup a PayForIt account and link it to your child's cafeteria account.***
Instructions for creating the debit account can be found in this PDF. You will need the information below to link the funds to your child:

School Name, Student ID (emailed to parents), and Student Name

Anticipated questions and answers are below.

Q: Do I have to use PayForIt? My child always brings cash.
A: PayForIt (PFI) allows you to make online deposits via credit card. It is also provides parents reports on how students are spending their cafeteria money. If your child typically brings his or her lunch, they only pay by cash/check, and you do not want to access reports then there is no need to setup a PFI account.

Q: PFI has a convenience fee. How can I avoid that?
A: PayForIt does charge a convenience fee, as PayPal did with OSCAR. If you want to save the convenience charge your child may bring in a check for deposit. Checks should be made out to Clinton Township Cafeteria Fund and must have the student's name and ID number (from above) clearly in the memo field.

Q: I have multiple children in the district, can I link them all to one PayForIt account?

A: Yes. You'll just need each of their student IDs (and you should receive a copy of this email for each of your children).

Q: Does PayForIt have a mobile app?
A: Yes. PayForIt has a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. The Android version can be downloaded on Google Play. The iOS version can be downloaded on iTunes. Click here to download the Quick Reference Guide or view a tutorial video here.

Q: Where can I find additional PayForIt resources?
A: You may download these documents: PayForIt Email Options and PayForIt FAQ. Additional information can also be found under the "How Do I?"; tab on the PayForIt website.

If you have additional questions, please email us at: